Bringing a Book into the World

michelle mckenzie author producing her first book

I love creating a new world through writing, and if I can illustrate it, even better! Since I was a child, I have loved writing and drawing. I would come home from school and continue writing my latest story, accompanied by pictures. I was never short on ideas, and I’d often start a story and then move on to my next big idea. I still have many of these stories today.

But what was extra magical was when my passion for travelling with kids and my love for writing collided! That had so much power and momentum that I was swept away. The result was the first in the series and my first published book, The Travelling Stone – France.

It follows the main character, Piper, as she discovers a special stone that can take her anywhere in the world. This stone transports her and her brother, Lachie, to the cobblestone streets of Paris. Many adventures await the two children in France, including visiting the Eiffel Tower, tasting delicious pastries, and enjoying a relaxing boat ride on the river. Piper and Lachie make new friends, practice speaking French and solve problems along the way.

The Travelling Stone – France was a joy to create. From the writing- retracing footsteps from our 2018 French trip, to the illustrations- transporting me back to iconic French scenes. I hope you can feel that joy jump off the pages as you read!

However, it wasn’t always easy. It took myself and my husband – aka designer/page setter/web developer- two years to complete. A lot of time, heart and soul has gone into what you see today. So much so I call it our third baby!

My aim in writing this series is to convey the child-like wonder of travelling to a place for the first time and inspire young and old to explore the world that we live in.

If you or your child enjoys The Travelling Stone – France, please let me know and share it with others. Let’s spread the joy, beauty and wonder of our amazingly diverse planet we call home.